Monday, March 29, 2010

There are no bodies buried in our front yard...I'm 87% sure

We received a $500 water bill this month.
That seems high.  Oh sure, we use water to clean our bodies and to fill our glasses...but it's not like we're watering the plants or putting out neighbor's house fires.

So we called the water company
"Hi, we just read our mail...mostly junk mail...a coupleof magazines and um..."
"Yes, and how can we help you?"
"well, it's just that you charged us a lot of money and we don't want to pay that much"
"sounds like you've got a leak"

And we did.  An $1,800 leak.

So the plumber came out, dug up our yard and a bush...and fixed our pipes.  He then threw the sod on top of the hole and the bush on top of the other hole...and left.

Debbie said it looked like someone buried a body in our front lawn.  The bush is in the middle of three other bushes and it's about a foot higher than the others.

By attempting to put back the sod and the bush he actually created more work for me than if he'd just left big holes in our lawn.

I'm just saying that I had an amazing weekend with my brideof eleven years and now I get to experience a less amazing coupleof days paying bills and digging up my yard.  Overall, I've still got a great life...

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