Tuesday, January 13, 2009

stuff on my frontal lobe

Best sound in the world?  It's a tie - Griff, Coop, Parker or Annie's laugh.  Not the - we're just laughing because Alton raised his eyebrows in an obvious laugh here moment and I feel like I should.  I'm talking about an uncontrollable laugh...like when he does his Harry Carrey....or when NPH says, "what are you allergic to timing?" in reference to his arch enemy - Fred Savage.

I'm thinking of starting a fan club, but many of the greats have already been taken.  I don't want to be just another member of the Craig T. Nelson fan club.  I want to have "Founder & President" next to my 250 Vista Print business cards I'm soon to have printed.  It's just a matter of who I should be fanatical about that nobody has grabbed yet...
Best taste in the world?  Right now I'm craving a Herby Turkey on a toasted salt bagel. (hold the lettuce)
Ask me tomorrow and it'll either be sesame chicken or a gyro...either way it's supporting our global economy.

I would have thought Andy Samburg or Jason Sudeikis would have been in a great movie by now.

If I had a dollar for every dollar I've wasted in life, I'm pretty sure I could pay off my house and yours.  You must be pissed.

The Amish might be right on this whole simplicity thing - but they'll never read this and feel my validation.

If you held my feet to the fire and forced me to pick one or the other, I'd have to put microfiber in the "overrated" category.  I hate to do it and I still can't believe you'd actually hold my feet near fire and force me to put items in categories.  What's that all about anyways?  ShamWow on the other hand - well we live in a golden era if you ask me my friend...


  1. i'm guessing you haven't seen "hot rod" yet?

  2. I was trying to figure out why I was less than 3 Neil Patrick Harris...and I'm dumb

  3. I'll break it down for you.

    He's a sissy boy. Probably slaps a lot. Your vintage wrestling moves and pure strength easily trumps one Neil and I'll even give you the edge against two. But it's tough for any man, no matter the advantage, to take on 3 grown men, even if those three grown men happen to be Doogie Howser clones.

    Sorry for the confusion fella.