Friday, January 30, 2009

one for the thumb...on the other hand?

Defense wins championships...sometimes...sort of.

I'd argue that offense, defense and special teams win championships.  I think I heard that this is the eleventh or twelfth time the best defense in the NFL has been in the Super Bowl.  That means that more often than not, Defense didn't win the championship...or even play in the big game.

If this was college football, I'm not even sure these two teams would be in the National Championship.

It would be Tennessee vs. Baltimore, Indianapolis or Pittsburgh based on wins.  Probably Tennessee vs. Pittsburgh based on records + strength of schedule. (the Steelers played the toughest schedule in the league based on opponents '07 record & played a tougher schedule than any of the above teams - based on this year's records)

Doesn't matter.  They have playoffs to match teams up head to head to see what team has lasted this long and is playing the best when it matters. 

You rarely hear arguments (at least among coaches and "experts") when they talk about what team was the best in a particular year.  They point to the winner of the Super Bowl more often than not.  It's the standard.

The Super Bowl is like the Super Bowl of football...


  1. I think Ben gets way too much credit for their success. Ben is going to have to put offensive points on the board if they are going to win. I predict that the D will mame Warner/and or Fitzgerald , Ben play mediocre and Steelers win.

    Go Cards

  2. I'd take that - and I'll bet Ben would too...

  3. I predict that I will scream a lot of curse words and punch stuff.

  4. you probably shouldn't watch the game with Liz then...considering your history of violence toward lawyers

  5. I really love the new background of your blog.

  6. We are actually watching the game separately to save our relationship.