Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Rhonda the Honda?

It's time to give a name to our 2000 Honda Civic.  This is the first and last car that we will ever buy new.  I'm convinced that if we ever have the money for another car that we'll still try to use the 'ol noodle and buy a car that is worth 100% of what we paid for it two weeks after we bring it home.  Having said that, I feel like 100,000 miles is a good time to name the little fella.

So the car is at roughly 99,600 right now.  This is the time when a car goes from a boy to a man, or girl to woman...I'm not sure.  Either way I want to give him/her a name.

The problem with naming something when you first get it is that you have no idea what it's going to be like.  You name a kid Butch and then what happens if he doesn't punch people out and steal their lunch money?  It wouldn't fit.  You get 100,000 with a car to really figure out it's personality.

Here's my problem - I haven't really figured it out.  I've largely ignored the little guy and now I feel like our relationship has drifted.

I've got some thinking to do...


  1. A Honda with 100,000 miles on it? I would just call it: Middle-Aged.

  2. My Honda is at 72,000 and it's just now peaking!

    I would name yours one of the following:
    -Harvey or Harv for short.
    -LaFawnda because it rhymes.
    -Nikolai because it could be majestic without being flashy.

  3. Tito or Jermaine?