Friday, January 23, 2009

Call Boy

I'm on call today.  That means at any moment I might have to stop typing this visual gold and...

I scared you there for a second, huh?  Someone from Detroit was just screaming at her laptop, "NO!  Sean, don't stop typing!"
That was just a warning.  At any point I might take A call and find out it's THE call.  "Sean, you're needed up front"  Thats' the call.  I'm not literally on that call right now....but strangely enough...they say that I'm "on call"

I'll straighten them out on that later.

I've had some friends over the years that would work somewhere where they'd be on call.  I was always confused/horrified by the concept.

Typical conversation:
Me:  Hey let's go see Footloose
On Call Person:  I can't...I'm on call.
Me:  You mean they're paying you to stay home?
OCP:  No, I'm not getting paid right now, but I can't go out and have fun or do anything I'd like to do on my day off.
Me:  Cool...well I'll be turning it loose...later.

Our on call is a bit different.  I'd explain it, but it's clearly laid out on page 47 of your manual.  Gotta go...

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