Friday, January 09, 2009

Back from Staycation

Amd we're hitting the ground running...

Annie put together our family/work calendar and it looks like we have two free evenings this month.  Part of the fun of that is that we're doing a couple of shows with the Q City Players and we're also cranking back up our next Alpha session.

On a not so great note, Griff's basketball season starts this Saturday.  I love watching him play, but they scheduled most of his games when I'm working (cue 'Cat's in  the Cradle)
and this is where having a full schedule isn't so fun.  Luckily his game this Saturday is at 8 and I'll see at least half of it.
So if you're looking for some great athletic competition to enjoy as a spectator, I'd watch the Steelers - Chargers game...are you really going to drag yourself out of bed to see 8 year olds play basketball?

As for me and my Tribe (I'm jumping on the trendy word of the moment) we'll be watching Aunt Peggy and our neighbor Tammy do impromptu cheerleading drills (what do you really call what they do?)...and then I'm off to work...

Have a great weekend!

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