Monday, January 12, 2009

Google this NBC!

I get to be a part of a group discussion that happens fairly frequently and there are always a bunch of questions that get thrown around the room.  The group is always different (except for me) but the questions tend to be fairly consistent.

Here are a few of the big ones:
What is God's will for me life?
What should I do with my life?
How can I make my life count (or matter)?
Why would they have cancelled Ed?  Tom Cavanaugh is a terrific actor with great timing, funny patter and an unassuming charm that makes you want to invite him over for Powerade and Cheezits.
I'm just not sure.
I do know that you could do worse than to love God with everything you've got (heart, mind, soul, strength, free time, etc.)  That seems to be something that would fit into each of our lives.  You could even argue that by doing that, you'll naturally do the second biggie - you'll love the people He loves (think neighbor...but of an incredibly large neighborhood) as much as yourself - and that even includes your enemies...and that guy from accounting that gets hands every time you talk with him about Mork & Mindy.  I think it happens because as you love God, you start to see the world in the same way that he does (on some small level) and you'll see the love He has for that Mindy loving lawsuit waiting to happen.
I also think that you'd be hard pressed to do anything bigger than to spend your life rescuing.  In a moment of desperation, to have someone rescue is one of the all time great moments of freedom.  We often don't appreciate a situation until we're faced with a crisis, and when that crisis is averted or overcome, it's just the greatest.  I think it'd be a great life's calling to help folks in crisis - big and small.
You could become a lifeguad and save people's lives....but that seems a bit on the nose.  Let's dig a little deeper.  You could rescue someone from financial ruin.  You could rescue an incredibly awkward conversation that started with a lawyer joke and moved onto Steve defending his best gal's honor.  You could rescue a moment of boredom for a child...or your friend with A.D.D.
I really believe that every day provides moments of possible rescue.  We can either choose to rescue in those moments or not - we can proactively look for uncomfortable situations and swoop in for the rescue...or not.
In a strange way we can all live the lives of super heroes that rescue people in real pain.  You might not be able to lift 150 pounds over your head, but you could help lift someone's burden by offering to babysit while a mom runs some much needed errands. 
You can't fly (except for Bragg) but maybe you can take a few minutes to ask/pray/think about the folks around you today that might need a little bit of rescuing.
And remember people... no one was there to rescue Ed...just let that one sink in for a while...

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  1. Sean,
    While I was reading your post, I received this text message:
    "Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins" 1 Peter 4:8
    God is good. And Ed was funny.