Friday, September 19, 2008

Murphy, Sean Michael Murphy

I think I need a spy gadget or two in my life.  I'd like to have maybe a laser that cuts through locks and doubles as a rubiks cube??  I'd also like to shoot rope from some sort of device that's attached to my belt.

That's just something to shoot for.

While I'm waiting for those, I'd like some secret compartments.  I used to have one of those fake cans that felt like a normal can, but actually was an empty container for my valuables.  The trouble was that I didn't really have any valuables.  We own one of those turtles that you put in your garden and it has a secret compartment to keep your key in.  The problem is that those "secret" turtles might as well have a sign on them that says, "this is the second place to look after you've looked under the mat, Mr. Robber"

If I had any ability with construction or drywall I think I'd have to build a false wall with a secret hiding space behind it.  I'd put in a movable floorboard, a rotating bookshelf and fix my roof (that one isn't really spy worthy, but I really should fix my roof).

I'm not sure I want to wear a tux or get into elaborate car chases, I just want the toys.


  1. I would just like to have a ninja attack me when I come home from a long day. Just to keep my skills sharp.

  2. Remember the TV show "Webster," with all the secret doors and rooms?

    If I ever make any money, I am going to build such a house, with a secret door leading to a 25 square foot shower, ...more like a rain-room, complete with jungle sounds and a paddle boat to get one from one warm-water-fall to the next.