Monday, September 08, 2008

kicked me in the arse

The best line I've heard in a while came from my friend Dave the other day.

He was actually quoting Dorothy Day.  "You only love God as much as the person you love the least"

I think she was right.  The Bible makes the same claim several times in several ways in scripture.

So who is your enemy?  Who is the person you're mocking, insulting, or just generally despising these days?

Think about the convention (the one you didn't like - you know the one with the idiots saying stupid stuff).  Who are you loving the least these days?

If Dorothy was right and that's exactly how much you love God....

...I don't know.  It's just something to think about I guess.


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  3. I didn't know Doris Day was so spiritual.

  4. That is something God has been working on me about. Wondering things like: "If I'm talking to person B about a weakness in person A, without putting them down, is that gossiping?" So I usually end up not having the conversation in the first place. But He's also been reminding me of my initial thoughts about someone when I see them.