Wednesday, September 17, 2008

As Amish As I Wanna Be II

This is day four of living off the grid. I guess that's not nearly as impressive if you're doing that by force. It's even less inspiring if your house and work are without electricity but you're living at Aunt Peg's house - complete with the world's biggest tv, foosball, bummper pool, ping pong, air hockey, basketball, some sort of shuffleboard table that I don't know the name of and can't ever win against Annie, and a video arcade game that has over 3,000 games.

We're not really roughing it.

I was just thinking that this week would be a good test for most people.

Here's the test. If you have loved having your work get cancelled for the past three days - you might be in the wrong field. You may just have picked the wrong job...for you.

I've been called for Jury Duty twice now. One time I was exstatic and one time I tried to get out of it (and succeeded). When I had a job I loved and really believed in - I got out of jury duty. (Keep in mind that if you have any opinions in life they won't pick you for a case anyhow) When I hated my job, I loved getting the two weeks to go away and sit in a room to read.

So if you've been off work for the past three days - how's it feel?

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  1. I've been off work for three months. Feels pretty sweet!

    But, on a serious note, I think that's a good point. Vacations are nice, but even being back on campus for a few meetings this week feels great. My dad worked in a factory for over 30 years and I'm certain he hated almost every minute of it. But he did what he had to do. I feel blessed I get to do something I love.