Wednesday, September 24, 2008

it's time to put together my cabinet

A posse just feels done. I'm not sure I want to roll with my crew. Gangs just seem very 1988.

I think I'd like to think through a cabinet.  I just need some guys and gals around me to keep me in line and help me out in a time of crisis.  It'd also be nice to get the occasional ride to the airport.

I'd probably need a secretary of the interior - this would be a buy or girl that would keep the interior of my car clean. This wouldn't be one side though. I'd play him in racquetball and buy him lunch every once in a while. I'm thinking this is probably Alton.

I'd like to have a defense secretary. I'd just like someone to get defensive on my behalf. Someone would say, "that Sean, he's hilarious and cute as a puppy...but I'm not sure he keeps a clean car" And then my secretary of defensiveness (I'm thinking Joe or Peg) would scream, "you don't know the first thing about clean cars and the beauty that that man creates every time he drives down his driveway!" I see Joe red in the face and way over the top on this one...sorry Peg.

I'd like a secretary of agriculture because I don't think even Stone Phillips could fix this lawn.

I'd like Dave to be my court jester. I know it's not very cabinet like, but that would still be pretty awesome.

My labor secretary would probably be Annie. She works hard and has been in labor three times now. Carrie's done it four times but I'm going to give Annie the nod on this one.

My secretary of education would probably be Jana. She'd be cool because she wouldn't make me do homework. I'd make Steve her assistant because I'd like to see that.

I'm thinking my secretary of the treasury should probably be Griffin.  He has more money than me and keeps a pretty sweet piggy bank.  Some people have maligned Griffin's economic policies, but I'm a second chance kind of guy.

I think my first step is getting us some t-shirts and maybe one of them fancy drinks with an umbrella.  Maybe I'll put my secretary of the alcohol cabinet in charge of that one.  (see what I did there?  I ended with a pun.  How great are puns!?)


  1. Well, if anyone DARES to criticize this blog, they will have ME to deal with. Joe couldn't POSSIBLY come to your defense as well as I could...I have known you a TAD bit longer and know your strong points and have ignored any uh, er..less than strong points.

  2. I know a Bureau seems old fashioned, but I gotta go with one of those.

  3. NIce to see you've updated your pic, Bragg. You look good!