Thursday, September 18, 2008

just like falling off a bike

So we're back to work.  It was an interesting and unexpected break.  I spent my evening shopping at our local Meijer in honor of my friend Carrie who just had boy #4 this morning. 
Her name is Carrie Smiley, but her maiden name was Carrie Meijer...actually I think it was Carrie Meyer.  Funny, I never considered her a maiden before she was married.  They haven't come up with a name to throw before Smiley yet...any suggestions?

I went to Meijer because I've been told that you don't want to get frozen food from a place that has been without power for three days.  They seemed to be the only place in town that didn't go green for three days.  I tend to roll the dice with those sorts of situations, but I figured I'd just head to Meijer. 
Apparently they have a bunch of stuff there.  I had to go buy breadcrumbs just so I wouldn't get lost.

Two hours later - I head to the parking lot just as Meijer becomes the last store in town to lose their power.  Yup, they lost it all tonight.  They're like that friend of yours that still requests the macarena at weddings.

Bottom line - don't buy your veal cutlets from Meijer next week.


  1. i think "very" would be a great name, but i personally wouldn't wish it on anyone's kid. it would be funny though...

  2. Asher.
    It's Hebrew for blessed, or happy. Only fitting for the Smiley clan.

  3. Steven Joseph Smiley has a nice ring to it.