Wednesday, September 24, 2008

friends are friends forever

I had to quote Brad's favorite song for the title of the post.  Brad's a good friend.  He'd show up at my house if I fell and I couldn't get up.

We have some friends who heard that Parker wasn't feeling well, so they came over with a bag full of toys.  They're smart enough to know that when one kid gets sick, it's hard on everybody.  The other kids who are used to getting a decent amount of attention sometimes feel slighted when all we do is hold Parker and clean up after her when she gets sick.  So our friends brought Parker a gift and also a couple for the boys.

We have friends that also happen to be family - and they took us in when our house didn't have the electricity we need to turn on our flowbee.

We have friends that have helped us move and friends who tried to talk us out of moving.

We have friends that show up when we're struggling through life and friends that celebrate even the smallest victories with us.

We have a friend that showed up to speak at an event we ran last night...and instead of getting an honorarium, he actually gave me $15.

We have friends who are published and friends who are about to be.  We have friends with great talent and we have friends with great character. (too many to link to)

As I look around I can't help but thank God for the people that surround me and my family.


  1. Nice try, but I still want my honorarium.

  2. I didn't know Randy Johnson uses the Flowbee?!