Saturday, September 20, 2008

I really feel like September 21st is going to be a big day...somehow

this is appearing on the 20th, but I'm writing it on June 6th and under my post options I'm putting a 9/20/08 post date.

I often don't post anything on Saturdays and really this is just something interesting for me to look at in three months.


  1. Giving that prophetic gifting a workout...

    I'll be on the lookout tomorrow.

  2. now i'm excited about tomorrow

  3. oh you'll see it at the mega-huddle my'll see it.

    And this isn't any ordinary huddle, no siree, this thing is going to be MEGA!

  4. This post is freaking me out.

  5. Was the "big" thing was that Big Ben would be sacked 8 (or was it 12) times during the game against the Eagles?