Friday, January 04, 2008

sports time

I love this time of year in sports. This is where wrestling season and football season collide.

Ohio State is playing for the national championship for the third time in six years. Their wrestling team is ranked #11 in the nation. The Steelers are in the playoffs again. I have tickets to the OSU Iowa wrestling match. Life is good.

The thing about football is that it's really the ultimate team sport. The Patriots might be the greatest team of all time, but their defense is ranked sixth in the NFL. They have some players that start for them that would be back ups on other teams. If you take out two of their offensive linemen, Tom Brady would probably have had a really good season...but not the greatest season of all time. And even though their defense is good, not great, they'll might be able to one day say they were the greatest team of all time.

Peyton Manning lost one of his receivers and a couple of linemen and threw 6 interceptions. With a great receiver or two and enough protection, Jim Sorgi would have been a really good quarterback.

So the Steeler's have the #1 rated defense in the NFL, but nobody is really talking about them doing much in the playoffs. You can have a great defense and even a pro bowl quarterback...and still just be an above average team. It's a team game and a couple of stars or even one side of the ball being exceptional doesn't mean you'll win it all. You need the whole package.

It's a lot like life...
ok, I'm not really going to roll this into anything that really matters...

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