Thursday, January 24, 2008


I'm giggin'
I have a gig.
I'm one who gigs...

It just doesn't sound right. When someone who is in a band - even a really good band - says that they have a gig - I just sort of cringe. It never sounds right to me.

It sounds like something David Lee Roth would say. I should mention that I'm not using him as someone who is either cool, or in a really good band. He just always sounds like the morning DJ that tries way too hard to be funny or cool. "Hey this is D.L.R., rocking the rock and rollin the roll. Can you dig what I'm diggin for ya?!" that kind of thing...

Anyhow, I have a gig. I'm not sure if this is my first gig ever. I've performed before. I've spoken. I've done sketches, skits and even some one person on a stage telling jokes kind of things - but I'm not sure that I'd qualify any of those as a gig.

Side note - gig is an acronym for

Second side note - I just made that acronym up. You're allowed to lie when you book a gig.

So I was asked to be a part of an as yet to be named improv troupe (I'm thinking 3rd city, or maybe Dunder) These are five very talented people and I think they needed a sixth guy to carry the props. And now we have a couple of performance dates. I would normally say that we're doing a show, or doing improv, or we'll just be floundering on stage - but I'm told that it's a gig.

I'm just not sure I could say that with a straight face. Sure, I'm kind of dry and do deadpan like a younger, much better looking Charles Grodin...but you get my point.

I think it's just me. People who gig a lot seem very comfortable with the term, I just have a ways to go.

and I'm off to my church gig...


  1. Charles Grodin and Charles Nelson Reilly, should be funny.

  2. My last memory of you doing improv was mystery science theatre on the rainy day at Rockbridge.

  3. Many (which is just more than two) believe this word was a spin-off of "whirligig" or from French word "giguer" which means "to dance"..
    I doubt if you are doing either of those at the Church...?
    ...but then again..since I've met Joe....

  4. why are you down on the word "gig" AND david lee roth? this post upsets me!

    - Check the "Instruments" section of the Background Information

    I'm going to start telling everyone that a rockstar owes me $8.

  6. check every Beatles album for the instrumentalists of every single song...and you won't see Paul's name next to drums.

    Paul played pretty much every instrument on some of his solo albums - including drums - but find any listing that has Paul McCartney down as even a one time rehersal drummer...and then send me $8

  7. Anonymous3:16 PM

    You're gonna need a thicker skin to be in an improv troupe. You can expect to be heckled and you can't handle it the way you handle it here.

  8. You've got me thinking "twenty-second city".

    Cinci is #22 on the 2000 cencus of biggest metro areas in the usa....

  9. Anonymous,

    I just want to point out that I don't think it's the "heckling" that bothers Sean (and others). I think it's the anonymity that bothers people. You see, most people can take a jab, they just want to see the eyes of their foe.

  10. Anonymous3:23 PM

    So you know every person (and their eyes) who comments on this blog? Since it is a public blog, I doubt you do.

    You don't know me, Steve, and this blog is not private. It has, on occasion, been relevant and expressed very strong political and religious opinions. The public should have the opportunity to comment on opinions put "out there" in a public environment. If you don't want comments from strangers (anonymous people), create a private blog and just invite your friends. That way you can have very little discourse (except on the very important topic of who the best sports figure or best team is, of course) and filter out those unfortunate comments that disagree with your (in my opinion, myopic) opinion.

  11. Anonymous,

    You're funny. You should think about joining a comedy troupe. I can see it now. You could wear paper bags over your heads. You could come up with some awesome name like "The Cowardlies."

    Your biggest fan,

  12. Anonymous,

    I didn't say you weren't allowed to express your opinions. You have that right. I disagree with Sean sometimes, too. People who live public lives open themselves up for criticism. No doubt.

    I was just making the point, that when you do put yourself out there, you appreciate it when your critics have the guts to attach their names to their comments. That's all. Just making that simple point.

  13. Anonymous5:05 PM

    Dan, Thanks. It's good to have fans... Someone already came up with the paper bag comic routine, though.

  14. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Oh well, a boy can dream.

  15. The difference Steve is making, however, is one where criticisms are only valid and credible if they are from valid and credible sources.

    I live with a three year old who thinks my explanation of how helicopters works is "stupid", but that opinion is only valid to a certain extent. The way I explain it to him might be stupid, but the explanation is right on.

    Credibility only counts if it has character behind it. As far as I know, and am concerned, as others here most likely are, you have no character behind your, often, juvenile remarks. This leaves your criticisms at about the same value as what I left in the toilet 20 minutes ago.


  16. Anonymous11:08 PM

    A lot of "anonymous" people have made a huge difference in history so your argument is not valid.

    The juvenile, toilet comment would definitely be amusing to your three year old.

    Since this is a public forum, I doubt you know who is reading this blog and, therefore, you have no basis to comment on how the "people here" view my comments.

  17. After reading, regularly, how others respond to your usual drivel, I think I do have some sort of idea to how the readers here view your comments, actually.

    I'm also interested to know who the anonymous people are that have made huge differences in history. I mean, if they remained anonymous, then how did history actually change?

    Sure, I might be dense, but I've never tried to hide the fact. Unlike your self-righteous comments that really don't help anything.

  18. Anonymous9:37 PM

    not worth it... movin' on...

  19. Anonymous12:00 AM

    sounds like someone else has some thin skin