Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Some things that sound or seem a lot better than they actually are:

-having your own swimming pool

-hockey tickets

-a trophy

-any handheld electronic gadget

-a pogo stick

-sugar cookies

-cuff links

-an Alan Alda impersonation

-crushed ice


-steel toed boots

-a pot bellied pig

-the first season of SNL

-Marilyn Monroe

-remote control cars



-play dough

-electric can openers


  1. Hmmm...I remember one of the most excited times of gift-giving was
    when I gave you a pogo stick...which I had to procure a second mortgage on my red 1968 red ford mustang...
    obviously you would have preferred ....uh, a second mortgage on a mercedes benz..?

  2. i beg to differ... jazz is awesome (well, if you're talking about coltrane, fitgerald, holliday, glenn miller, etc.; not so much if you're talking about kenny g). but that's just one girl's 2 cents. :)

  3. A diet dr. pepper poured into a glass full of crushed ice is heavenly.

  4. I, for one, love hockey. I know I'm of the 2% of Americans who do. So, if you want to dump your tickets...

    hint, hint

  5. I'm gonna have to disagree on the pool. We spend almost every night in the summer out there and it's a cheap entertainment for my kids. It's very very good, to us at least.