Tuesday, January 15, 2008


“Everybody deserves a second chance”

I’ve heard that a bunch. It’s the very definition of a cliché. I’ve come to know it, accept it and move on.

For some reason I couldn’t move past it when I heard it yesterday.

Does EVERYONE deserve a second chance?

Are we saying that if someone does something bad once, THEN they deserve a second chance in life? If you’re saying that, that’s fine. The problem is that I know a one year old girl that’s done something bad. I’d say she’s done lots of bad things. She’s a baby. They yell and hit and scream and occasionally throw temper tantrums.

I’m guessing what you’re saying is that you or whoever you’re supporting right now needs a second chance. The second chance isn’t a second chance. It might be the first time they’ve stolen, raped, killed, lied, or cheated…but not the first time they’ve screwed up.

This isn’t really even what bugged me. I’m not sure we DESERVE a second chance. We deserve the things we earn.

If you live your life as if someone owes you something – then it just follows that you deserve a second chance. It’s owed you. You deserve it. You somehow have earned it.

But I’m not sure that’s right.

If you DESERVE it, forgiveness isn’t nearly as beautiful. Grace isn’t as powerful. Love isn’t as…love-ing.

Mercy is not getting something that you deserve…and don’t want.

Grace is not getting what you DESERVE, but instead getting something incredibly valuable…and Undeserved.

Grace is powerful.

If you deserve it…then it’s ordinary.


  1. Hey I'm big on grace. Grace gets us I don't think we get it.