Thursday, January 03, 2008

1/1,000th of a picture

a few words or phrases that I rarely use:


-symphony or sympathy




-irish cuisine





a few words or phrases that I'm bound and determined to use today:


-Carnegie Melon

-take a stab at it

-knuckle sandwich

-Brad Weisenheimer


-well groomed

-words that end in "izzle"

-Elfish Pressley

-Swiss Army Spork


  1. Will tomorrows entry have a follow-up with when each of the words/phrases were used. I would love to hear the context, and response of those around you.

  2. i know i keep saying this...but seriously are funny. "words that end in izzle" being one of my favorites on the list!

  3. penn state took my e-mail away. my new e-mail is for future use.