Friday, January 11, 2008


If you have a group/ministry/team that has as their web site:
you're not a great leader

If you were to leave your leadership position and things would fall apart
you're probably not doing everything you can to really lead

I keep seeing this trend towards churches using the Pastor's name instead of the church name on their web sites. So what happens when they leave? They're branding a product that isn't around any more...

I see leaders all the time that do EVERYTHING that they could possibly do up front. They're often very gifted, at being up front...but not in leading.

They're either not willing to let things slip a little, so that they can train or raise up other folks on their teams. They have appreciation lunches and send thank you notes to all of the folks doing the work of the team/ministry...but they're not willing to have the big meeting be led by anyone else.

One of the great things about the guy running things around here is that he's not afraid to put up other speakers. He regularly has one of two people speak on the weekends. He occasionally brings in guest speakers. He lets others run big meetings. It's not about him - and I think if he left - we'd feel it, but we'd also pull together and move forward. It's not about him.

When people point to an organization that went downhill after they left - proudly - I just shake my head.

They don't get it. They don't understand leadership.

You can see more about how someone led by how things progress after they're gone.


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  2. Big ups to Vineyard Community Church.

    I agree with everything you wrote. Unfortunately, whenever I visit home and go to my parents' church, it's always, always, the "guest speaker" who is far less gifted, provocative, engaging, etc. Anyway, not really your problem.

    Also, I just clicked on your link 3 minutes ago, and I still couldn't tell you the name of Joel Osteen's church.

  3. I believe that you forgot Great leader that guy.

  4. "You can see more about how someone led by how things progress after they're gone."

    Maybe. It could be that things get better after they left because they built a great foundation that other people were able to build on.

    Or it could be that they just suck as leaders, and any shmoe off the street could do a better job.

  5. Micah,
    I think that's true a lot of the times. I'm just saying that the perception that things got worse when the old guy left often means that the old guy didn't set up a strong structure around the organization. He didn't invest in people who could carry the ball over the next hurdle (yep, I'm mixing sports metaphors) because ultimately he was more concerned about being the one carrying the ball...and developing his game.

    There is no absolute chart that I would point to to say they did a good job or bad job based only on the growth or decline of an organization after someone leaves. I'm just saying that that's often the case.

  6. Dan..
    Joel's Church is The Lakewood Church..I think it is now the largest church in the USA...
    Heck, I didn't know Rev. Billy Graham's church either.