Friday, October 07, 2005

Touchdown Williams! extra point Jesus...

There are hundreds of tents within a mile of our house right now. We live by Beaver Stadium (home of the Lions?) and they've been camping out for several stand in line for a football game. Now I love football - I played - I coached - I've been to hundreds of high school, college and Pro Football games - I'm even the commissioner of a fantasy football league....but come're going to stay out all night for tickets? You're going to skip classes for a couple of days so that one day when you graduate (if you graduate) you can tell people, "I skipped school so that I could show my school pride and go to that football game." If so, well then's awesome to be passionate about something...or even many things.
But sometimes I wonder if I expect too much out of people. We talk about giving our lives away, carrying our cross, living for God and others....but don't expect me to feed the homeless on Saturday mornings...or to give 10% of MY money away...or to spend time in the Word every day....that's fanatical. And who wants to be one of those religious fanatics. To be a FAN of God.....that's just silly.
Following a bunch of 300 pound guys in tight pants and shoulder pads. Standing up with face painted and wallet $50 lighter to scream because one of them got a first down....sure that's worth being a fan (or Fanatical) - but to show that kind of enthusiasm for a God that loved you so much that he Died for you....that's just silly. Don't get me wrong...I'll be watching the game...and cheering...and I'll jump out of my seat at some point...probably throw something across the room. I'm not down on football....I just want to be more up on things that matter.
Then again, Jesus never even kicked a field goal.

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