Monday, October 03, 2005

"Fred Sanford, you ugly spasm"

I have a lot of junk. Like a crazy amount. I'm finding neon shirts, 8 track tapes, my highschool class schedule, soldiers from WWII that don't know the war's over yet kind of stuff. We're definitely in the, "it's gonna get a lot worse before it gets better" phase of the packing up of our stuff. I'm pulling stuff out of drawers from the Reagan administration. This place looks like Fred Sanford's junk drawer. I have cords that I haven't used in years...don't know what they connect to...and I'm still packing them in boxes to take- store-and ignore in Cincinnati.
I don't know why we hang on to so much useless stuff.
I actually do the same thing with the non-tangibles. I hold onto all of the stuff that's wrapped up in my pride. I just want to appear like I have it all together. I want the world to think that I'm fun, funny, smart, talented, sincere, kind, humble.... It's really important to me that people think of me that way...and unfortunately, I'll do some pretty stupid things to fool them. I'm like a lot of people in that I work harder on cleaning the outside of my cup...or superficially trying to appear like I have it together....rather than working on my "inner man"...or cleaning the inside of my cup.
Maybe I should spend some time working on that one too...

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