Friday, October 14, 2005

drink up Johnny

How weird is this whole drinking thing? First of all, when I say, "drinking" you all know what I'm talking about. Not so much milk...more beer, vodka, ripple (my monthly Sanford and Son reference). So when someone asks, "do you drink?" - I always want to say, "well, sure...everyone does. Grif drinks, Annie drinks, Cooper have to drink to survive. But what they're asking is, "do you drink flavored beverages with alcohol added to them?"
And divisive. Christians believe that getting drunk isn't such a good thing. I heard just last night that "We drink to forget, and we celebrate to remember" - if you buy into that...I could see why it's not the best thing in the world. Not really the point...some people drink, some don't.
I just can't see spending $4 on a diet coke. So why would I spend $4 on a diet coke with alcohol added? To get drunk? Absolutely...why else would you spend that kind of money?
It tastes good. Really? $4 a drink good? I guess people spend that kind of money on why not? Maybe it's not a way to "loosen up" or to "lose my inhabitions". Maybe it's like the double mocha grande phenomenon.
I don't really care if folks drink - I just sometimes feel like they automatically get defensive or
feel like I'm judging them if I don't drink too. "He doesn't drink! He must think it's a SIN and that we're going to Hell because we do!!!" It's kind of awkward. Maybe I should just wear a button that says, "I'm too cheap to drink" or "I'd rather remember this...and I'm o.k. with my inhibitions"
It's just odd that, "do you drink?" is such a big deal question and answer time in getting to know people.
"Do you eat popcorn?"
maybe that should be the new question...

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