Monday, October 10, 2005

One big happy family

This one body, many parts thing is for the birds. I wish it was as easy as just saying, "this ministry is really great...everybody jump on board and do what they're doing". The problem is that the arm of the body is saying, "I'm the most important because I throw things, catch things, pick up can't do anything without me." And the legs are all, "Oh no you din't" (and they do that snap their finger thing from side to side while they're head bobs in the opposite direction) "We get you to the ball that you're bragging about catching...and try and throw a ball without using your legs at all....and you just try and pick up something heavy without using your legs...besides, WE'RE the ones that get you places."
And the argument continues...
I haven't even started working with the church yet and I'm already hearing from my friends who are working 70+ hours, giving their lives away...that I have it easy now. The implication is that they're really serving Christ...and I'm picking up a paycheck (such that it is). I've heard for years the condescending, "Oh, you work with kids huh?" or "why don't you join the church in doing God's work?" - implication being that God only works within the confines of the church building or the work that stems from that building...
I think we're all wrong. We're all screwed up....and we're all trying to seek out God...and to follow Him and His leading...
Maybe there really is something to this "God calls different people to different tasks"
Maybe...but what do I know?

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