Wednesday, October 06, 2010

what's the difference?

At what point does a food become "gourmet"?
Is it the quality of ingredients?
The quality of a chef or kitchen?

Is it the deliciousness of the food?
If not - it should be.  In fact, I'm going to make the argument that ultimately that is the marker.
Delicious = gourmet.  So, having said that...we have too many words for delicious.

Let's eliminate gourmet all together.  It's a wasted word on an arbitrary scale.

Is a McDonald's breakfast gourmet?  Doesn't matter...we already eliminated that word, don't you remember?

And what's the story on Homemade?
I've been to dozens of restaurants that have "homemade" on their menu?

Does this mean that they made it at home and brought it into the restaurant?  Does making it in an inferior kitchen a good thing?

And what's the deal with "restaurant quality"?  Which is better - homemade or restaurant quality?  Can it be restaurant made or home quality?

These are but a few of my food related questions...

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  1. Indeed sir. McDonalds breakfast is gourmet, just happens to be on a big scale. Same with chipotle, skyline, lees.................