Monday, October 25, 2010

How about them politics

I have one rule when voting in an election.
It's more of a formula actually.
What I do (and this might not be a bad system if you're still undecided) is I count the yard signs for each candidate. 
You get one point per sign
- 2 points for a sign that's larger than my oven door
- 3 points if it's larger than my miniature van's back door
- Bonus point if it's a colorful sign that's pleasing to the eye
- take one point away if it's not parallel to the ground (seems mean to our O.C.D. friends)

This is just basic science.  The candidate with the most money has the most signs.  That candidate is probably best because they had the most money (look at the last couple big elections...the rich people won 'em).

This has also energized me to engage in the political sign display arena.  What better way is there to create tension with your neighbors, or convince absolutely no one who to vote for????

Here's the issue - I just want the signs...and don't want to mess up my math based election I can't actually have political signs in my yard.  

So I'm working on some basic yard signs that will be awesome - but not mess up my system.

I know they're not colorful...they're still a work in progress...quit judging me and go out a Rock the Vote - it's what P. Diddy would want you to do...

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