Friday, October 29, 2010

Final 3 Costume possibilities

1. Brett Favre's Cell Phone

2. Cleveland fan with a knife stuck in the back of my LeBron Jersey.(in the interest of full disclosure - I really don't care that he chose to live in a city that he wanted to live in and to work for a company that he wanted to work for...can't he decide those things? I just think it'd be a funny costume)
3. A hot dog with a hole in the middle.  You's a play on words.  It's a hollowed out holloweenie...never mind.  I'm not doing this one.  This is stupid.  I hate this!

3 (for reals yo). Eduardo Saverin with a knife stuck in the back of his suit jacket.
You see what I did there?


  1. Anonymous11:32 AM

    Oh, I got it! You could be Chris Day with a knife stuck on the back of his ultra trendy shirt because Sean WOULDN'T ANSWER HIS TEXTS!!

  2. oh my word, murph. for some reason, this really made me giggle today. miss you!

  3. Anonymous - it feels like that one was aimed at
    No big hurry on the book & I'd love to sell your house, just send me some info.

    you wouldn't miss me if you'd visit the homeland. It's nice this time of year. Lots of cheer and wonder...
    miss you too, by the way