Monday, October 04, 2010


"I'm not against anything, I'm just for Jesus"
-Brother Andrew
I'm 84% sure I'm mangling that quote, but I'm 97% sure I'm too lazy to go and look it up.

There's something simple about brother Andy.  He's focused on the thing that is number one for him.
I imagine if he was trying to reach out to kids in the city and they were really into basketball...he'd hang out at basketball courts. 

If he wanted to follow the typical path -he might even build a few...and it's even conceivable that he'd get "strategic" and really pour himself into building bigger and better basketball courts.  Pretty soon he'd need locker rooms and maybe even a pool...and he could invite people to join his Young Men's Christian Athletic chapter... It's easier to get wrapped up in projects than people.  It's easier to raise money for stuff than it is to mentor someone.  Why not build gymnasiums and recreation centers?  It's a good thing, right?  It's certainly impressive..

But Andy didn't do this sort of thing.
He wasn't a hater...he just kept his one thing first.  He kept on point.  He was focused.  He was a world changer.

I'm not.

I get side tracked.  I get wrapped up in projects, little and large, that often look and feel spiritual.  In fact, I can rationalize ANYTHING as being a good thing.  I defy you to name something that I can't spiritualize and somehow use to help me feel better.  I'm pretty good at it.

I often lack focus.  I'm exceptional when it comes to distractions.  If I could somehow flip a switch and put my time into what's #1...that would move me in the direction of a changed world.

I'm not sure I can change everything today - but I can try for a couple of minutes.  It's something, right?
So I'm making a list - and working on a few things...for a couple of minutes...and I'll add a minute tomorrow...and another the next...we'll see how it goes...

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