Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My phone is not an honor student

I'm slowly realizing that my cellular telephone is not that smart.
For awhile I really thought it was a Mensa level phone.  It was getting good grades, could do all sorts of fancy stuff and all the other fellas were always telling me how great it was.

Just to point out one feature.
This device can carry my voice from Cincinnati, Ohio all the way to Dublin, Ireland.
I'm serious.
Not only that (I know I said one feature, but I'm gushing) this thing can take photographs.  I can push a button and it will capture IN COLOR a digital recreation of the very thing it's pointed towards.
It's true.
Stevie's Self Portrait

Lately I've been reading and hearing about all these "smart phones".  At first I thought they were talking about Stevie (my cellular device).  After all, if they're talking smart...who's smarter than Stevie?  Soon I realized they were talking as if we were living in the future.  They mentioned games, video, electronic mail, buying corn through Facebook.

That's when I realized that Stevie wasn't all that gifted.  He's actually kind of average.  Sure, he doesn't cost me an extra $400 a year to buy fake corn on Farmville...but who wouldn't pay an extra $30-$40 a month to have a gifted electronic device like that.
Well, for right looks like me.

But you should know...I love Stevie.  And to me he IS special.  He might not get into Mensa.  He might not have HD video or fake Zippo lighter applications...but he's mine...and that's enough for me.

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