Tuesday, October 19, 2010

avoiding havoc

If you're part of a crowd and you're walking through a doorway...keep walking. When you stop to have a conversation, you're creating havoc. Nobody likes havoc. Why would you do this? Just walk another 14 feet and have your conversation there.   It's silly to keep people behind you waiting while you talk about how much the world of baseball misses Mark Lemke.  We know!  Rehashing the same tired sports talk fodder in the doorway is just keeping people from their important endeavors.  Why are you keeping people from endeavors!?!?

Same thing applies to steps at a ballgame. I was at an event recently that had people walking up the steps and having to cross over to the other side of the steps to keep walking. The people talking on the steps only needed to walk 2 or 3 feet into their row and they would have avoided havoc. So simple.

If you're standing in front of a deli that flies fast and loose without a number system - when they ask, "who's next?" it's customary to take a quick look around before claiming that title.  There's an assumption that there will be a slight nod by the other customers assuring your place in line.  It's just that simple.  Take a quick look to make sure you're not jumping line.  Nobody likes the line-jumpers.
Line dancers either.

Last thing - stop putting the money down on the counter when you're paying for your canned food items.  It's saying, "you're beneath me in life and I'm not going to put this in your hand" instead of, "Hello Friend!  I just wanted to give you these three dollars along with this coupon for 50 cents off Campbells soup.  I trust that that coupon will be doubled and that you will have a great day!"
Wouldn't you rather not be that first guy?
That guy is the underlying reason for much of the havoc that we see on the internet news reports...

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