Thursday, July 31, 2008

the storyteller

I have some talented friends.
One of them has won awards for singing and songwriting and has traveled the globe performing his music.  I had the misfortune of living with him when he was learning the guitar.  Everytime you talked with him you'd have to repeat everything seven times while he obsessed on the chorus of some song he can't quite get.

So we started hiding his guitar or threatening his life if he picked it up.

Luckily he stuck with it and now we occasionally ship the kids off to Aunt Peg's while we sneak out to see him perform.  He's a husband and a dad now, so he doesn't play quite as much.  He did travel to New York to hang out with a friend of ours and play some songs recently.  He put together a few of the songs he recorded at his house and has them on the world wide interweb now.
If you want to check them out, I think you'll find he has an interesting way of telling a story.

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