Thursday, July 17, 2008


I've deleted a few of these before.
Usually a friend of mine tells me I'm going to get in trouble by posting that...whatever "that" happens to be.
Sometimes I get four or five people asking me if I'm writing about them...and it's just not worth it.
Often it's about "a friend" and by "friend" everyone knows I'm talking about Dan.
Sometimes I write something that inspires me and a friend tells me there's no such thing as an original thought...especially on my last post.
So it's no longer with us.
I'll call it an homage to two great comics that I love.
And by love, I mean I love their work...but I'm not IN love with them.
Either way, I'm off to go delete.

On a side note, I just ran across my old friend Devon's new should check it out.  It's original.


  1. Murph! I was just playin' around with you! Little sensitive today, are we?

  2. no...did that come off as defensive? I was thinking you were right, and I figured I'd dump the 'ol post. Now I'm having second thoughts...maybe I am being sensitive. Bottom line - I think I could beat you in ping pong now.

  3. I just destroyed my brother and three nephews last night. Let's play...winner gets to be a guest writer on the other's blog.

    (Which will be easy for me, since all I'll need to do is copy and paste some Chris Rock material.)