Monday, July 07, 2008


I've finally decided that it doesn't matter.  I used to get wrapped up in what constituted a sport and came up with my own little list or rules of thumb.
Some things that were considered sports, I'd consider a leisure activity.  Some would be an exhibition or performance and some would be a competition...but maybe not a sport.

Football was a sport, diving was an exhibition and speed eating was a competition.

If you can play it with long pants and chew tobacco while playing...that's maybe not a sport.  If there's no defense, that's not really a sport.  I had a whole bunch of other variables, but that's not the point.
Right away people get mad.  I'm not saying that a sport is any better or worse than an exhibition or competition...I just saw them as different things.  Dancing with the stars is not a sport.  It involves training, sweating, coordination and athleticism...and it's not a sport.  And that's ok.

That was the old me.  I've decided that it's not really worth the labels.  Everything now is a sport.

The Wimbledon finals was a sporting event just like that guy who ate 57 hot dogs.  The olympics is all about sports just like my neighbor mowing his lawn is competing in a sport.  Everything is a sport, and that's ok.

on a side note, if you didn't watch the gentlemen's finals of Wimbledon, you missed one incredible match.


  1. How are the Olympics comparable to watching someone mow their lawn? I don't get it. Am I the only person who LOVES and anticipates the Olympics? Call it whatever you want-a sport, a competition, an exhibition-but in my opinion it is athleticism, competition under pressure, and pure guts at its best. It is anything but boring.

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  3. That's sort of my point. I used to get wrapped up in what is a sport and what isn't..and it's a never ending conversation. I love the olympics, and really don't love mowing the lawn, but if we're going to call everything a sport - then let's just do that.

  4. don't give in.

    if the score is subjective, it's a performance. if not, it's a sport.

    and don't try to give me that crap that referees are subjective. they're enforcing objective standards.

    angry gymnastics dad