Monday, July 21, 2008

Murphy week

We started Murphy week by playing Putt Putt.  Griff had two holes in one, Cooper had one, Annie had one, Parker and I had a combined zero.
Day two began with buying a fishing rod and all the stuff that goes with that (wax worms?).  We rented an incredibly slow boat and took to the water.  There now exactly the same number of fish that were in that body of water before we started.  I'm convinced that fishing is not a sport and I'm not even sure it can be described as a leisure activity.  Someone described golf as a long walk spoiled and I'd describe fishing as an afternoon spoiled.  If the whole point was to hang out with Griffin and just relax, then I'm in...but I'd rather do it on a frisbee golf course.
The Rave has free family movies (and by "family" they mean kid) and we saw Surf's Up for free.  By free I mean we spent about $15 at the concession stand.  It was the same old story about surfing penguins.  A story as old as time itself.  We then went to the Cincinnati Zoo and loved the bird show.  After the show, our friend Eddie gave us the VIP tour and we actually met and petted a penguin.  Turns out this penguin knew nothing about surfing.  Whatever.  Follow this day up with dinner at Peg's and you've got your perfect day.
So we were going to go see the Redlegs play some baseball, but they're awful...and it's really hot out...and I was the only one who actually wanted to go.  Instead we hung out with some friends at a park and watched Cooper pour sand on top of Parker.  I think Eli met a girl there there's that.
We went to an Indiana Jones theme party and the kids chased after a mummy, climbed on a rope bridge, swung over a pool of water and found the lost treasure.  Most of the treasure melted in our car on the ride home.  It was still pretty cool.
I'm guessing I'm forgetting some of the events, but the best part was hanging out with one gorgeous girl and three great kids.  It was a good week.


  1. At the risk of being trendy, I support the Murphy week. Besides, you guys are pretty cool.

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  3. Chandler and I have been celebrating Murphy week for several years now. Is that weird? Are we allowed?

  4. Pretty trendy to name a whole week after your family.

  5. No, Steve, it would be trendy if we mentioned how we've enacted (is that too big of a word here?) 'Steve Week' for the last 7 years, but haven't talked about it in our blogs during any time of their 3 year existence.