Tuesday, July 08, 2008


It's 07/08/08.  No big deal today, but you wait a month mister.  You'll see.  All the world will be abuzz with that crazy date.
I've been frustrated ever since I was given my first palm pilot.  I love/hate those things.  Once you figure them out and get in a groove, they're really kind of nice to have.  You can synch it up with your computer.  That means you can write out appointments when you're out and about - you can take note - you can enter people's contact info - and then just hit a button and it's on your computer.
Often I'd synch all my info and then find out I had two copies of  Fuller's phone number, or the same appointment to go tanning with Alton.  Somehow my Palm would not notice that I already had the contact info or the appointment in there...and I'd get duplicates.  That's frustrating, right?
On top of all this, I still kept my old wallet/daytimer.  I just can't give up having the pen on me at all times.  This means that I'd have a George Costanza wallet, a Palm pilot and a cellular telephone all in my pockets while I was trying to eagle number 4 at Winton Woods.  It was too much.
Typically that's not why I'd quit the Palm pilots.  I'd usually find out that you can't drop them in a swimming pool, or have your kids paint them or play frisbee with them.  Turns out they don't last very long that way.
If only there was a device that would have the functionality of a Palm pilot AND a cellular telephone.

Enter my new Smart Phone.  Now I can call Joe while playing Sudoku on my Palm, stop and make a video and then write out "enter this at next year's Sundance" on my calendar while I'm punching a brick wall...all from one device.

This thing has a calendar, a camera (video and digital stills), phone, note taking, Sudoku, mp3 player, video player, it does duck calls and will even clean my fish.  Here's the thing though - it's really bad at all of the above.  It's not a good phone...but it's also a Palm.  It's a horrible video camera, but man is it convenient.
And I'll take convenience.  So look out world - there's a new Smart Phone user out there and he's driving a car while simultaneously checking his e-mail!

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  1. Did you write this post in 2003 and forget to publish it until yesterday?