Friday, July 25, 2008

100 things part 2 (I’m still on a numbers kick)

A few people have asked me how I did on my 100 things challenge

If you didn’t read the post, well what the crap!? Anyhow, the basics of it was that I was going to donate, destroy or give to a friend – 100 things I own.

So this is what happened:

-I donated/destroyed 50 pieces of clothing. I didn’t want more than half of my 100 items to be in any one category so I limited myself to 100 items of clothing. I did this by only counting a pair of socks as one and by under counting the total. Basically I donated 30 some shirts (some t-shirts, some sweaters, some brand new button up, etc.) and threw away 40 or more socks. I didn’t think the socks had enough life in them to give to anyone…and it felt kind of gross.
-I threw away 50 random items (knick knacks, magazines, stuff, etc.) that didn’t really have sentimental or perceived value. If they had perceived value I probably would have donated them or given them away. If they had sentimental value, I probably would have given them away a while ago. I just don’t get sentimental about stuff. I feel ok about that. It’s just stuff. I gave away 10 books. Most of these were free books given to me over the years that haven’t been opened. In fact not one of the ten was a book I’d read at all…and I gave away/threw away some c.d.s. None of these were Dennis Miller’s Off White Album, so don’t panic.

-I gave away 4 tape dispensers. These weren’t really mine and they don’t go into the official tally. I jus think it’s weird that I had 6 in my office that I share with no one…unless you count God…and why wouldn’t you? Shame! (that’s why I have two by the way, he loves tape)

-I gave to each of you this post. You’re welcome.


  1. I remember going to your Dad's garage sale and there, on the 2 for a $1.00 table were three Christmas gifts that I had bestowed upon him over the recent 8 years of benevolence.

    Did any of my past gifts to YOU make the departure list?

    (not that I think that you should keep checks that long)

  2. I'm still waiting on that TV.

  3. I'm assuming you consider the large horse painting to have "perceived" value. That'll pay off some kid's college loans.