Thursday, June 26, 2008


The stacation ends today at 8:30. It's fun to hang out at home when you have a funny wife and awesome kids. (for the record, Annie is awesome as well...and the kids are getting there with the funny...we're working on their timing right now)

Quick summary of time spent:
-hung out at home with family
-hung out at home with friends
-hung out with friends out and about
-36 holes of frisbee golf (only one lost disc, but still undefeated in '08)
-some reading
-some tv-ing
-18 holes of golf on a miniature course (and still without defeat)
-some basketball
-some Blokus

I'm fighting to not play Brad's favorite GoGo's song to end this post...
I'm hoping it's at least in your head now...

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