Monday, June 09, 2008

Monday good to me

it's hot. Africa hot. I came from a meeting to go Griffin's game yesterday and was watching these 7 year olds play baseball on the surface of the sun while I was wearing jeans, a thick shirt and a look of consternation.

Oh sure Griffin won the game ball. But does that really make up for the three pints of liquid I lost while squinting in the general direction of the field? Oh sure, the Boyd boys came and brought liquid love in the bottom of the fourth...but how much of this warming of the globe can we really take? I know that Time magazine wrote up an article in the early 70's and cited a bunch of scientific fellas who had proved that our globe was cooling at an alarming rate...but what the heck did they know in the 70's? Have you seen the outfits they wore back then? And the scientists were way worse than the pictures you've seen. Imagine those same exact outfits and then add calculator watches and "I'm with my mom and she's squared" t-shirts.

So I'll enjoy my conditioned air on this fine Monday off. Overall I had a good weekend. I had to work 4 hours on Saturday and 5 on Sunday...but it all pays off today. Sweet, sweet the form of frisbee golf and euchre with my nephew.

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