Tuesday, June 10, 2008

it's time again

I call it frisbee golf. Purists call it disc golf. I tell the purists that they're being ridiculous and to quit correcting me every time I call it frisbee golf. They storm off in their flip flops and hemp shorts shaking their head and totin' a side bag full of frisbees. Yeah, I called them frisbees.

The last disc/frisbee I bought was $8:99 + tax (because the man is trying to own me)

This is what I'll get for those nine dollars:

1. Hours of enjoyment
2. Moments of frustration
3. Sweaty, dirty feet
4. Hours of great conversation

This is what you do. You walk, occasionally throw a frisbee, head toward said frisbee...and have a conversation. It really is the perfect leisure activity.

I'd call it a sport, but it doesn't fit under the general guidelines of what I refer to as a sport.

And that's ok.

So grab a disc and spend a half hour walking the course over at Winton Woods. You'll be glad you did.

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