Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Déjà vu

Happy birthday to the little girl I love.
Parker was born two years ago about a half hour from our house. She was born at the same hospital as Griff, but we lived closer with Griff. In fact I remember being nervous about being 20 minutes away when he was born...but Parker is our third. We probably wouldn't have been that nervous if the hospital was in Jersey....except that then our kid would be born in Jersey.

If you know Parker you know that for a while she had what they call failure to thrive. That meant she was losing weight when she should have been gaining weight as a baby. Since you know her, you know that she's more than made up for that since. She weighs right around what our three year old weighs (although he could probably take her).

So June 2nd is the sandwich day. It's the day between the two gal Murphy celebrations. It's the day that we don't celebrate either of their births - but if Parker is anything like her mom, we'll probably start calling the 2nd Parker's birthday eve.

She's the best little girl in the world - and I'm saying that knowing I won't get any extra points...because she can't read this.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PARKER!!!!!!! love those girls in the murphy family...i love those boys too :)

  2. Happy Birthday Murphy girls! Someday I hope to once again see a murphy live and in person. Wanna grill out sometime this month?

  3. we're in - we'll bring the sporks