Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Mayor's House

Griffin had his second to last game called on account of overreaction this week. They also canceled his last game because of the storm. It was supposed to be on Saturday, so they all just went to CiCi's instead.

Each kid received a trophy and the coach said a few kind words. Griffin has had a pretty solid season this year. In this league if they miss the pitches on the machine, they hit off the tee. I'm not sure how many at bats Griff had, but I'm guessing it was somewhere around 50. He only had to hit off the tee twice, and he did fairly well in the field too.

So he was nothing if not consistent.

But the coach didn't really talk about that. He referred to Griff as the "team mayor". He talked about Griffin being an includer and someone who knows and talks to everyone.

And I'll take that any day. It's fun living with the mayor.
We've got a pretty cool kid...

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