Friday, June 20, 2008

if only

If I had the power to snap my fingers and make anything happen - well first of all, that'd be really cool.

I'm pretty sure there wouldn't be any show on tv with the word dance, or any derivation of that word in the title.

I'd also like world peace and the ability to cook an egg over easy.

What's this pic have to do with that? I just took it tonight with my camera phone...and I guess I just wanted to throw it up here.

Having said that - if you know anything about S.O.S. you know that it's a bear. It's just a tough week.
Having said - I should tell you that I get to work with Harmony "H-Bomb" Hensley. I say that I "get to work with" her because she makes S.O.S. way better. She's just really good at her job and it's nice to work alongside her - and by "alongside her" I mean - I just do whatever she tells me to do. The kid knows what she's talking about. You should also know that her husband's name is Skylar. So that's Harmony and Skylar. Beat that. (My friends Drew and Nancy might give them a run for their money)


  1. when i was out shooting a video yesterday the kids kept saying how this is the best year "evah."

    then they started singing rock and roll and doing drugs. crazy kids and their crazy ways.

  2. first off... I'd have all the children of the world join hands and sing in harmony... no scrap that.

    Second, in my house growing up S.O.S. was a meal that you made sure you got invited to a friends house for dinner that night. I can't place the word dad used, but it was something like
    "#@%$ on a shingle"

    Third, there is a tear running down my wife face right now b/c you have replaced us in the cool names catagory. Do I still get the remains of your skit closet?

  3. harmony h-bomb hensley needs a reward. shes incredible!!!!! and she has wicked sweet hair