Saturday, April 26, 2008

play by play

Griff's first ever baseball game. Now before you chime in with your, "but Sean, you were unofficially given the award for best baseball coach in America last year for coaching Griffin's baseball team" - let me remind you - that was t-ball.
Back to the game. The Lightning (formerly the Lightning bolts) were in fine form this day.

Griffin was 4 for 4 with two hits making it into the outfield. On the defensive end he played outfield, the hot corner and catcher. Because of his catching duties, Griffin wore his first cup today as well.

you'll see the ball in G-Dawg's mitt

Rumor has it that the Lightning scored 16 runs, but who really knows?
On a side note, young Aidan Boyd came through as this reporter's Defensive Player of the game with his three outs, including a two out inning at the hot corner. (side note, there are rarely three outs in an inning) He also was 4 for 4 at the plate.

and just around the corner...


  1. Here's the pitch...

    and a swing and a miss by Anthony!

  2. It's about time your kids started playing a real sport.

  3. adorable.

  4. Steve,
    seriously? baseball? Anything with long pants that you can play while smoking isn't really a sport. (boy I wish I could make sport bold...or italicized...or in flames...that'd be cool...flames...think about that for a sec)

    it is a nice leisure activity that requires athleticism...kind of like bowling or golf. Probably above those, in that you there's that. Typically it's not something that guys and girls compete against one another in. Hmmm...

    I still don't get why there's guys professional billiards tournament and girls... wouldn't you think that'd be co-ed? I'm getting off topic here.

    Maybe it's somewhere above archery, bowling and golf, but below football, tennis and soccer.

    That seems about right.