Thursday, April 10, 2008

restaurant quality blog

I was watching a cooking segment on some show and they said, "you can have restaurant quality food right at home in just a few minutes" and I was confused.

Restaurant quality food?
First of all, what restaurant are we talking about? If you think I can replicate the chicken deliciousness of a Chipotle right in the convenience of my own home....well you've got another thing coming mister. And don't think I haven't tried. If I could make chicken like that, I'd never leave the house.

What sort of threw me is I've always thought it a bit odd when I'd see a sign at a restaurant that said, "Homemade ________" I've even seen it on menu's at chain restaurants.

Isn't the definition of homemade - that it's made in a home? Often we'll buy food that was made in a restaurant and we'll straight up let people know - that was restaurant made pizza. Even if it was restaurant quality pizza, we're not going to perpetuate any lie or rationalize our little exaggeration by saying it's restaurant made.

So back to the restaurant quality vs. homemade issue.

Which is better? Should I get excited if it's restaurant quality or homemade? I just need to know...


  1. My last two restaurant experiences were a hair in my sandwich at Bob Evans and something plastic in Seans salad at the Outback.

  2. Annie...thank you so much for that...
    Two more dining establishments that are off my "A" well as "B-Z" list

  3. do NOT diss bob evans. ever. its my homeland :)

  4. i'm with jana! me and bob evans go way back. he can't do me wrong. and for sean, i say homemade is usually best but i am with ya on chipotle..theres crack in that chicken

    ...and i love it.

  5. it seems that homemade seems healthier if that is a factor to get excited about. but if that is true, then restaurant must taste better because it is unhealthier.

    tough choice

  6. Anonymous4:40 PM

    Tag Sean. You're it.

  7. I'm just saying, Bob Evans is fine if you like hair in your food, thats all. So Allie and Jana if thats your thing, great, who am I to judge. I usually would just rather not have hair in my food.