Thursday, April 17, 2008


I should fix what I wrote yesterday...
I don't actually read my blog. I should start there. I sit down, start typing and then add a picture (typically)

I don't think I explained myself very well yesterday.

Here's where I was going...

What we took to be mean spirited or offensive was largely offensive because of our belief systems about how the world works.

Here's a quick example: When I was really young I’d hear a parent or teacher say something to me that just sounded dumb. I probably wouldn’t use the word “jerk” but that’s sort of how I felt. Why the heck are we doing this? This is stupid? I definitely wouldn’t use the word offensive, but that’s what it was.

Later in life I had some mentors that said stuff that went against my basic world view.

Often I was wrong and they were right. I’m absolutely sure that they could have shared their info in better ways – I would never argue that you are allowed to be a jerk if you’re right – it’s just that often they were dead right and it just seemed so wrong to me that they came off as sort of jerky.

It was my poor view of the world and how life worked that made me think they were stupid/wrong/offensive/whatever.

Sometimes people come off as offensive because of what they're saying - not even how they're saying it.

If you believe that you're helping someone by giving them a computer, a ride or a sandwich - you'll get mad at the jerk counselor that suggests that (in some situations) you're enabling them.

For me - that was on me. It was my baggage most of the time.

Ultimately I just wanted to say I'm thankful for my parents, my mentors and my friends that have influenced me...even when I disagreed at the time.

that's all (video to follow)


  1. Goldberg with the stick save!

    Coming soon to theaters... 'The Jerk II' starring Brad Johnson... or Steve Gardner... or Evan Griffin...

    Casting agent: Sean Michael Murphy

  2. come on Danny...
    Brad was a mentor and a friend, Steve was a roommate and a friend Evan was a mentor and a friend...none of them were/are jerks...and I'm not visiting any of them this week.

    you know what I'm saying fella

  3. Who is this man?

    (I was just playing. I know none of the fore-mentioned.)

  4. But why do you kick puppies?