Sunday, April 20, 2008

branding our lives

" I want to live that radical life" - I keep reading it...and resonate with it...I just don't see a lot of it.

It's a revolution with very few revolutionaries. I know about five revolutionaries... People that have given their life to their cause.

I read about it a lot. I think it. I know people who talk about it. It's just in short supply these days.

We want thing to be better...sort of. Not enough to do anything...but wouldn't it be great if poor people weren't poor?

It'd be easy to just say - take that money from that rich woman and give it to that poor person and then the rich person will still have money...but so will the poor person.

It's easy to say because you don't have to get involved. You can feel better about it without really doing anything. You can believe the person who cares about the poor when you see their actions...consistent...weekly, probably even daily action.

Doing something involves stepping out of our comfort zones. Starting a revolution probably begins with some major life changes.

We make minor life changes and it feels major to us. We're a society that is our minor changes even seem major to others.

I'm just not sure they are.


  1. I am convicted and depressed now. Thanks, friend.

  2. Wow, that is exactly how I have been feeling lately. Wanting my YL school to look a lot different, but not doing much about it.

  3. i plan to live radically by bringing back the word "radical" along with his friends "tubular", "bodacious", and "gnarly".

  4. it feels a little like you're making fun of me otter...or is it Mr. Otter?

    Do I make fun of your use of the words canola oil or wonder aloud why you sell Tupperware?

    on a side note - I had a few friends recently experience the joy that is Sheetz. They haven't been to the Super Sheetz yet, I'm saving that for their birthdays.

  5. ah yes, the trip to super sheetz is typically when one makes the transition from convert to full on sheetz disciple.

    as for poking fun at your post, i was doing nothing of the sort. if somehow you had heard my last 20 club talks, you would have heard me explain to the kids time and time again how "gnarly" following Christ can be and how "bodacious" it was to shoot cows with paintball guns.