Friday, April 25, 2008

paper shufflin'

I had five hours of "paper work" yesterday. It was actually computer work...but you know the drill.

We write up our year long plans in April - they're soundly rejected in May - we re-write them and re-submit them at the end of May - some corrections and updates are requested - we re-write them and re-submit them in June - they're reviewed by bosses, bosses' bosses and eventually the big guy himself (John Popper - who knew?).

Here's where I have it nice. Yesterday I didn't have to type a single thing. I sat in an office with Susanna and we talked budget and plans, while she put it all together. She's an excel spread sheet ninja. It would take me 45 minutes to put together what she can put together in about 3.

It's nice having someone around that's really good at the things you're not so good at. We've tried to hire folks with that in mind. We don't need four incredibly articulate, good looking, former wrestling coaches that are amazing at knitting scarves. That'd be silly. One probably would cover it.

What we're looking for now is a new Peter. Pete worked in our department for a while and just moved to a new job doing what he loves. He was working with us because he liked what we were about, but it definitely wasn't his passion. Now he gets to explore just how passionate he actually is about video. I think it'll be a great fit. Sadly, we're down one Peter.

It's just not the same...


  1. Anonymous5:13 PM

    Hi Sean,
    I don't know how to contact you any other way, so sorry for using your blog. I'm also sorry as it sounds like you didn't receive my initial explannation for banning you from the site. This site was never meant to be open right now, it is only for a few of us who are formulating a partnership. I had accidentally forgot to select 'private network' and somehow (how?) you found it within the couple hours it had been open. How did you find it and what was intersting about it to you?

    It will hopefully be an open site sometime in the next few months.

    somefolks at hotmail

  2. Leif,
    no big deal at all. A friend of mine asked a few guys in this improv group to join the site. I just hit the link and filled out the info. If it's not open to the public, that works for me.
    thanks for the note,

  3. Anonymous1:00 PM

    Thanks Sean,
    I think I've figured out what happened. Missy and I had a miscommunication on the time when the site would be open and so I assumed that anyone who would just (it had only been created a couple of hours!) were random joiners...I had no idea it was from an actual invite, so sorry. We will definately be inviting you again within probably a few weeks. Sorry for the trouble, and especially with a word like "banned' --I wish they gave other options!

    (PS -feel free to delete these comments if you want to keep your blog more relevant...I just didn't have your email address)

  4. spencer12:49 AM

    my question to you is, are we still allowed to make john popper fat jokes now that he's sort of normal sized? just asking...

  5. You're down one Peter?

    Sean, stop lobbing softballs at me.

  6. Anonymous12:58 PM

    Glad the girl is working out for you. By the way, there are good looking people on the team....LOL

  7. Anonymous1:00 PM

    Sotty but that should have been a question....there are good looking people on the team?