Wednesday, December 28, 2005

time warner is the enemy

So we had cable, internet and our phone all installed by Time Warner. We noticed after they left that they had removed 8 of our ceiling tiles...and draped 4 cables through one of the holes in the ceiling all the way to the floor. It was odd that they left the ceiling tiles out and wires dangling. We sort of thought this wasn't the safest thing for our 5 year old's play room, so we gave them a call. They said they'd hurry on 2 days. "I'm so sorry we're taking away your child's play room and making your home unsafe...not to mention unsightly...but we're not going to come out tomorrow to fix it"
I thought that was crazy.
I mentioned this to them.
They said they'd try and come out the next day.
Apparently they were just kidding...they didn't even call the next day. They didn't even show up two days later...or three...or four...or five...luckily, they came out a week later.
Two weeks after that, our cable went out. Three days later they came to fix it. A week later the cable went out. Three days later they called my cell phone to say they were ready to fix it. I didn't happen to have my cell phone on, so I was out of luck. When I called, was put on hold for 21 minutes, they told me it was all my fault. They were more than willing to fix our cable...but I didn't answer my cell phone. I asked why they didn't call our house and they said they DIDN'T HAVE THE NUMBER!!!. The number that they installed and gave to me.
So I talked with a supervisor...he sent someone out when I told him I was cancelling the full service...after our phone went out twice and our cable three times (in 27 days) I thought that was about time to give up. He said he'd send someone right out. Seven hours later they showed up. And an hour and a half later it went out again...along with our phone.
So today I decided to call the dish network. They have a number listed on their web site as "New customers" and when I called it, they ask for your account number. They have a completely different number for "existing members" so I still don't understand the machine. I don't have an account number...because I'm not a member. So I called their main number and they asked for my account number. I finally wait through three different messages where they ask for my account number and I'm looking at the web page that says, "Call this number if you'd like to sign up" and wondering how I'd have an account number if I hadn't signed up. Finally an operator answers and I ask her if there's some magical number I should call if I just want to sign up and don't have an account number yet....because I haven't signed up.
She transfered me to a number that was a busy signal.
So I tried their e-mail...and wrote that I just wanted a phone number that I could call. The e-mail came back as an out of work account. This was an e-mail I sent by just clicking on the "send us your question" button.
So I called back...and waded through the messages until a guy answered "Dish Network" and when I started talking, he just hung up.
Is it me? It must be...

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  1. oh my gosh that is so annoying. i am annoyed right now. i cant read that- it urks me.