Friday, December 23, 2005

I'm down 4 so far...

I have a friend that really gets kind of stressed out for the last quarter of every year. She starts asking everybody what they want for Christmas around September. It really drives her life. I've always been more of a "I'm not asking them what they want for Christmas...or if I do, I'm not getting them that, because it's just like giving them thirty bucks and some wrapping paper". I love the idea of thinking of someone and buying them a gift that I think will bring them some bit of joy. I like the surprise of it all. With Christmas there's very little surprise...especially if it's just a list of things they asked for. How amazing would it be if you spent the same amount of time, money and energy buying someone gifts in May. They'd freak out. "what's this for?!?!" "Just thinking of you"
We're supposed to "encourage one another daily" and to love people the way we want to be loved...what a cool way to do it. Just show up on May 7th with two arms full of gifts.
Anyhow, my friend starts shopping in September - but is still talking about her list the week before Christmas. She's constantly talking about how she knows this person won't like their gifts, and she's not excited about this other persons gifts, but "that's what they asked for". She also worries about people getting her gifts that cost more than the gifts that she bought them. It would be a complete nightmare if someone bought her something that cost $100 and she didn't even get them a plate of cookies.
Someone just dropped off a nice gift at my desk...and I like's nice.
That's all...just a nice gesture. I didn't get them anything, and I'm alright with that. I work with over 100 people either on staff here or as high commitment volunteers...I can't imagine obsessing over who I'm getting gifts for and who I'm not.
I think the real meaning of Christmas is probably a little more what we're eating for dinner Sunday night.

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  1. Margaret Mary5:20 PM

    Well said, my good man!