Tuesday, December 20, 2005

tennis shoes and such

I'm wearing my tennis shoes today and I'm not even planning on playing tennis (shhh). I'll be on my feet for 5 hours at the mall wrapping presents. We do this to show folks God's love in a practical way. People expect door knocking evangelists with white shirts, ties and perhaps a bicycle helmet...but not free gift wrapping. People expect someone on the beach to share the 4 spiritual laws after gathering a group together to watch a silent football game (kind of an odd reference...but it happens) but they don't expect real life practical help with something as silly as a wrapped Christmas or Hanukkah gift. I wonder sometimes if it's all worth it.
-We're spending a silly amount of money to wrap gifts for people who largely think we're either mall employees performing a service for the mall, or folks looking for donations to raise funds for a new baptismal. I hear enough stories to make me feel, for a little while at least, like it's worth it. We have close to 400 people a week come in and wrap gifts...and occasionally I'll hear about someone's comment that this was "nice" or "a cool way to serve people". I just wonder if it's the most effective way to serve the community and show them God's love in a practical way. We have 400 people a week & we spend thousands and thousands of dollars...for the occasional comment.
-I guess God's love is extravagent...and sometimes doesn't make sense. On the surface it can even seem excessive...I guess even deep down it seems excessive.
That's God's love.
-Maybe not the best use of our time and resources...but it's something. It relieves people of a few minutes of work and a few dollars worth of wrapping paper. I guess it's a good start... it'd just be sad if that was it...
"the journey of a thousand miles starts with one wrapped toaster over"
-St. Murphy of Calhoun Hall


  1. Anonymous11:51 PM

    Yeah silent football...

  2. Seems to me that people expect the gift wrapping more than they would expect the four spiritual laws on the beach...

    That being said, I've always been a big fan of kindness evangelism and servant evangelism like steve sjogren championed.